About Me and this Blog

Hello World!
                     I'm very excited to be blogging about cars and driving. I have had a passion for automobiles since I was a child. Like most boys and some girls growing up, I had a collection of Hotwheels, Matchbox Cars, Tonkas, and others but my favorite was the AFX slotcars.

                     Now that I'm all grown up my favorite car is and will always be the Chevrolet Corvette, doesn't matter what year, however I do favor 1960 thru 1962 and 1968 thru 1973. Frankly, I love the Muscle Car era and admire all American Muscle Cars something I feel America can be truly proud of, but don't get me wrong cause I appreciate a fine, stylish, and well-built vehicle from anywhere in the world past or present.

                     I've learned a lot about the different aspects of cars other than the name of them or the different shapes and colors they come in. I have been in the automotive parts business since 1987 and have seen plenty of parts for various cars and car problems from numerous car owners. In this blog I would like to share some general tips, hints, advice, and how-to's about cars and driving.