Saturday, April 9, 2011

OTR and other Delivery Vehicles

I want to discuss Over The Road vehicles and Local Delivery vehicles because for several years now from my observation these guys drive these vehicles like they're driving their personal vehicles. They cut you off and just come over into your lane before they are totally clear and safe to do so. Sometimes they end up in the passing lane (that would be the left lane for those of you that loaf around in this lane also) for a long period of time backing up traffic for miles. In their defense however I must say that other drivers on the road are extremely selfish and inconsiderate. If you are in a position to slow down a little to let these large vehicles over do it, don't speed up to prevent them from getting over be courteous.

Ok let's talk Safety around large vehicles. Personally I don't drive next to them no longer than I need to because I consider any vehicle that is hauling something to be a hazardous vehicle and has greater potential for something to go wrong. If I'm in the other lane and can't pass a large vehicle I stay back until I can pass it completely in one motion because I would hate to be next to one if something falls off,  a tire blows out, or something comes unhooked. So if you find yourself next to a large vehicle try not to linger next to it too long because if your car ends up under one that would be a bad day.

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