Sunday, April 8, 2012

Double Left Turn

Sometimes I find myself in a "close call" situation when I'm in a double left turn lane. What I mean by this is that people don't seem to understand the correct way to turn when you are in these lanes. Usually there is a solid or dashed white line separating these lanes and it curves with a radius to match up with the lanes on the intersecting street in the direction in which you are traveling. The concept here is if you are in the inside turn lane keep that white line on the right side of your vehicle and if you're in the outer turn lane keep that white line on the left side of your vehicle. People tend to always cross short over that line when they are in the outer turn lane causing a problem for the vehicle on the inside turn lane.You need to trust that the line will put you in the lane that you should be in on the intersecting street and don't cross over the line while turning because you put a Dangerous Squeeze on the vehicle in the other lane causing a potential "auto accident" situation.

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