Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello World!

I am very excited to be blogging about cars and driving and hope everyone who reads my blogs find something useful.I think driving is more than just being behind the wheel at "10" and "2" and pressing the accelerator and brake pedals. I feel that most people put themselves in a mental "zone" while driving because it seems like it becomes a priority to get in their vehicle, start driving and they end up doing everything they should have done before they even start the car. Suddenly they have to make a phone call, put on make-up, eat breakfast, watch DVD's, start thinking about the To-Do List of everything they have to get done that week, and the WORST of all intoxication. Unfortunately, most of us do some of these things and we must remember that it only takes seconds for a Life Changing event to happen. Give me your thoughts on this blog.

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