Saturday, March 5, 2011

Relax and Take Your Time

When you have to be somewhere at a scheduled time leave 15 minutes earlier than you planned originally. This practice can prevent you from rushing, getting a speeding ticket, or causing an accident. So go ahead and try it and knock off a little stress from worrying about being late.

You don't have any control over other drivers on the road so I recommend to Always use your turn signals because you want to let other drivers know what you are doing. Never assume that other drivers know what you want to do on the road because they may not see you or they just may not care if you are trying to change lanes, or turn, or slow down, etc.. There is a lot of inconsideration on the road and we all need to learn a little courtesy because in the end travelling down the road we all get to where we are going anyway.

Driving for me is a science. If you consider two people in separate vehicles in motion on the city streets one tailgating the other because they want to go faster than the vehicle in front of them what is the true advantage of this action? In most cases maybe a minute or two if they keep travelling in the same direction for a while. If the faster car has to slow down or stop due to traffic or a traffic signal the slower vehicle will catch up and possibly be next to the faster vehicle at the traffic light. What happens next? This whole action starts over again when the light turns green. This is just one scenario that I am personally guilty of because just like alot of us out there on the road we are convinced that going fast will get us there faster, not necessarily. I can tell you that the slower driver saved gas and possibly reduced any extra wear and tear on their vehicle. The faster driver used more gas and possibly caused unecessary wear and tear(brakes,suspension,etc.) on their vehicle. Again, driving is the science of Physics and understanding some of the basics will help you operate, handle, and care for your vehicle.It's alot more than protecting the paint and taking it to the car wash. Let me know what you think about this blog.

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