Sunday, April 24, 2011

Emergency Vehicles

Pull to the right and stop! This is the first course of action you should take but sometimes you can't do this. If you are in the left turn lane don't move and if you are already out of the way don't get in the way by moving into a clear lane or where you are blocking an intersection because an emergency vehicle may need to turn where you are so never stop across an intersection. If you are in the far left lane and the cars in front of you move left to the median or shoulder you should move left also, don't go to the right you just create a more difficult path for emergency vehicles to get through. If you have to stop at an intersection or pull over for an emergency vehicle to pass, do not proceed without checking for additional emergency vehicles approaching. Crack your window, turn down the radio, heater, or airconditioning so you can hear what's going on. Oh and never, ever, ever try to drive close behind an emergency vehicle after it passes with lights and sirens going because you will get a ticket! Most of what I have written here about moving left or right is from the perspective of a firefighter and would help him or her tremendously to make their way safely through traffic and don't act like these vehicles are a pain in your butt because they may be going to help someone you know.

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