Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pay Attention to What's Ahead

I would suggest to everyone to look ahead way down the road when you drive, to anticipate what is happening in front of you and respond accordingly. If you see traffic stopped up ahead begin slowing down a couple of  hundred feet before you get there. It makes no sense to continue your speed with your foot on the accelerator just to apply your brakes even more. I see this happen quite often, I will be driving on the highway or in the city and I see those big orange signs up ahead taking time to read them so that I can adjust to what I am approaching, do I need to merge left, merge right, detour, stop, or what? Oh yeah, seeing orange and black construction zone signs is already an automatic signal to slow down anyway. As I am figuring out what to do, someone driving in the construction lane that is closed up ahead comes blasting past me going as far as they can until they have to get over in front of everyone else who has been waiting in the lane that goes through. I have a question. What is the difference between this and someone cutting in line in front of everyone at a movie theater, a sports event, or anywhere that other individuals are patiently waiting? What we all need to do is slow down, turn on your signal and wait for someone to let you over. Don't keep driving in the closed lane acting as if you didn't see that the road was closing and now you're at the end and have to get over because you had plenty of time to observe what was coming before you got there. The key to avoid traffic jams is to observe, observe, observe, and for drivers to be courteous enough to allow the science of driving to flow harmoniously.

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