Sunday, May 22, 2011

Get off the !#@* Cell Phone

Technically we should never take our eyes off the road when we drive or our hands off the steering wheel, but I will have to say too many of us are guilty of this. I have been taking note of numerous people on the cell phone while they are driving. Some I see on the phone while passing by and others are driving with questionable behavior. On several occasions I have been behind another vehicle that is driving unusually slow or swirving toward the other lane. When I can finally pass this vehicle I look over and the driver is on the cell phone without a care in the world about other traffic on the road. The other day I was parked in a shopping center and observed a woman driving through the parking lot texting on her phone, steering with her knee, and drinking some starbucks coffee. I just said to myself "wow"!  All it would take is a split second for someone to be backing out and her looking down at her phone texting and you have the ingredients for a nice fender bender. Driving and talking on the cell phone has already been proven to cause injury and death to someone. I've witnessed rear-end collisions from people being on the cell phone I just wonder if these people at fault in the collision will discontinue their practice of using their phone while driving and tailgating or will they continue this mistake.

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