Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't drive through Flood Water

During and after a heavy rainfall don't drive through flood water. If you can't see the street chances are the water will cause problems for you. You can end up running over something or going into a washed out part of the street, getting stuck in  a man hole that has lost it's cover, or your engine components may get wet causing your engine to stall and leaving you not only stuck in the water but possibly an expensive repair to fix any damage that was done. Any of these problems can leave you stranded in rushing flood water which may soon lead to a life threatening ordeal for you. So if you approach flood water do the smart and safe thing turn around and find a different route. If you don't like this advice you might want to pack a life jacket in your car cause once you're stuck and the water keeps rising this type of water is not your friend. Flood Water creates a force that will take you where IT wants to go.

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